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In Malinowy Bzyk
waits for You:

delicious cuisine
two cosy air-conditioned halls for non-smokers
non-smoky hall for smokers with professional ventilation system
during season additional tables on terrace among greenery
for kids: special menu, changing table, playground corner
bowls with food and water for four-footed guests
extensive green area with birchen forest engaging to walks
opportunity for buying elegant gift vouchers to our restaurant
opportunity to organize business and occasional parties
attractive discounts for organized groups
grocery-monopolistic shop with abundant procurement and LPG station
Bzyk, bzyk, bzyk,
pszczółka mała,
bzyk, bzyk, bzyk,
miód zbierała.
bzyk, bzyk, bzyk,
do dzbanuszka,
bzyk, bzyk, bzyk,
na kwiatuszkach.

Bzyk, bzyk, bzyk,
i do ula w dzbanku miód zebrała.
bzyk, bzyk, bzyk,
w ulu pszczółki
mają teraz miodu pełne półki...